Another Answer – The Ins and Outs

We asked members of our team to summarise the nuts and bolts of what we do for our clients that enables them to relax and concentrate on the creative elements of their business.

Director Neil Bourhill gives us the ins and outs of business insights:

Based on your accounts, we generate a range of information to encourage or give warning.

Your car’s dashboard warns you if you are overheating, speeding or low on fuel. We let you know of any impending problems to allow you to continue in financial safety.

We design ‘dashboards’ to help you spot issues and share trends with your staff.

We work with you to design concise reports to help to navigate your business issues.

We do the work to prepare these reports for a short monthly review so you can health check your business before you return to lead generation and servicing existing clients.

Based on your business results versus your financial plan, we can forecast the expected profit for your financial year. This helps us advise on the best balance of salary versus dividends for tax efficiency.


Published On: April 25, 2022

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