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Held to Account – Daska Emery

Daska Emery – Administrator and Trainee Bookkeeper


Another Answer in five words is:

– Buzzing, Friendly, Caring, Hard-working, Local.


Daska Emery in three words is:

– Energetic, Pedantic, Fun.


You joined Another Answer after the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. How easy was it to adapt to a new job during such extraordinary circumstances?

– I slotted in very easily as it was at the end of the first wave when cases had calmed down, so didn’t feel much different, other than lots of hand-washing and sanitising.


What made you want to train as a bookkeeper?  

– I’d been managing the bookkeeping at my previous job, but I wasn’t qualified and ended up simply being more of a Data Entry expert without any in-depth knowledge. I realised there was a raft of information to learn around the bookkeeping industry and felt it was the next obvious step.


Our research informs us that you sing in a band. Whats the best thing about that?

– Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and having fun doing it, oh and embarrassing my kids!


You can choose any three bands/artists, to see on the same bill at The Royal Albert Hall. Who will we see?

– Pink Floyd, Salt ‘n Peppa, Eminem


You are appearing on The Voice in a blind audition. Which song are you going to sing and why?

– Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz, as it suits my voice.


Lazing on the beach or hiking on the trails? Why?

– Lazing on the beach – although this usually happens after I’ve hiked to earn my laziness!


Describe your perfect birthday celebration in a sentence.

– Spa weekend away with girlfriends, having relaxing treatments, eating delicious food, watching chick movies and a few glasses of fizz!


Yesterday at Another Answer – what was great about it?  

– I had a lovely Teams catch-up with Stacia and Alisa, where we caught up with each other about our day to day family life before moving on to work topics!

Published On: February 2, 2021

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