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Held to Account – Shady, Canine PR Consultant

Shady in three woofs is  – Energetic, water-loving, mad as a hatter 

Another Answer in five woofs ishappy (well, I’m a dog, I can’t count!)

For how long have you been part of the Another Answer Family?2 years

What drew you towards the field of accountancy?Well… I think there used to be someone else in my job, but they don’t like to talk about him.  So they decided to try a junior – it was a bit trying for all of us to start with but I’m a quick learner.  I love to join in meetings too, especially when they are on Zoom.

What do you think is your greatest asset to the company?   – Taking Mum and Dad for walks.  Particularly Dad – he gets grumpy if he hasn’t been walked.

Tennis balls or sticks? – Both – preferably really, really big sticks – even better if they are in the river.  I like to go in and find a really big wet one and drag it out.  I really don’t understand why they can’t throw it for me if I don’t let it go in the first place.

What is your favourite treat and which of your owners is most likely to spoil you?I once ate a whole raw chicken (I left the plastic bag intact), and I quite like Iris Bulbs only they put me in hospital.  Otherwise it is Bonios, and treats, and food, and dentastyx, and tennis balls and sticks and rivers – and did I mention food…  I really miss my youngest owner when he goes away to uni – he lets me sleep on his bed – Mum never lets me on the furniture at all.

It’s time to go on holiday. Where is your preferred destination and why? – Anywhere with water, balls and sticks – oh and anywhere there is something I can chase.  Mum gets really mad at me when I chase things, and those cows were a bit tricksy last time – now she makes me go on the lead near other animals. 

If confronted with a deep muddy puddle, do you a/ jump straight in and wallow b/ run through at high speed or c/ walk delicately around the edge? – Definitely jump in and wallow – especially if we are at the end of a walk so I can make the car all muddy.

What is the most recent household item you chewed to bits, and why?  – Has someone been telling tails on me?  (See what I did there…) I don’t think I have eaten anything since the last remote control – there were three of those – plus the little PIN thingy that Dad needed to get into the bank account… Why? Because they were there…

Dogs have been known to win Britain’s Got Talent. What is your special unique talent? Basically my life revolves around balls and sticks and rivers – I can swim really well. 

How do you like to unwind after a long day of accountancy PR consultancy? – I like to lie upside down chewing on a soft toy – especially if it has a squeak in it…

For a consultation with Shady your best option would be to get in touch with us, and we will arrange a zoom call with one of our Buckinghamshire based accountants. We can’t promise Shady will be on the call though due to a busy walking schedule, but you may just see her jumping around in the background!!

Published On: April 21, 2021

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