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Held to Account – Sylvia Bourhill

Held to Account! Sylvia Bourhill – Managing Director FMAAT, FICB


Another Answer in five words is:

 – Friendly, Local Efficient Accounts and Bookkeeping (thats 6 sorry!)


 Sylvia Bourhill in three words is:

 – Can Do Attitude


What brought you to the world of bookkeeping and accountancy?

 – Er… that was sort of an accident! I needed something to do when I had a baby and

   bookkeeping fitted well. It soon mushroomed – I did lots of accounting exams, and I now lead a

   team of nine (and my babyis just about to go off to Uni)


What is the greatest challenge you face on a daily basis at work?  

 – Fitting it all in!


If you could speak another language, what would it be and why?

 – I already speak French fluently.  I lived in Ivory Coast in West Africa for ten years working for an

   NGO that develops literacy programmes and translates the Bible into unwritten languages.


What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?

 – Havent been near a cinema since lockdown.  Im not a great film buff.  Give me a good murder

   mystery any time.  We have been enjoying Miss Fisher on Netflix recently…


A cup of coffee with… Lord Attenborough or Joanna Lumley?

 – Lord Attenborough – such an interesting life. Joanna Lumley annoys me!


You are to take part in a TV reality show. Strictly, Bake-Off or Masterchef? Why?

 – Strictly I guess.  I do love to dance.


You are to travel from New York to San Francisco. Greyhound Bus, Motorcycle or Train?

 – Greyhound I think.  I did lots of bus travel in Africa and loved every minute.  You get to see so

    much and meet so many people.  Although I do have an African train story…..


Yesterday at Another Answer – what was great about it?  

–  I worked at home.  My fabulous team managed without me (as they so often do) – and I landed a new client and a potential second one…

Published On: September 23, 2020

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