“I’m just too busy to deal with the bookkeeping…”

“I’m really rubbish at paperwork, can you do it all for me?”

“My mum does my books, but I think I should have been registered for VAT…”

“Can I claim for a double bed because my job makes my back ache?”

The above are all examples of comments that we hear when someone first rings us for help. We’ve even heard –

“I always file my tax return late and just pay the fine, it is less hassle…” (WHY on earth would you do that?!!!)

As a small business it’s easy to understand why you would want to be careful about where you spend your money, but, as someone once said to me, “a trade for a trade”. You wouldn’t ask your Mum to fix a leaky loo (unless of course she’s a plumber), and having a knowledgeable bookkeeper is especially important when it comes to understanding all those COVID19 furlough claims, grants and loan options.

Another typical example of where a small business might struggle is in encountering unforeseen expenses during the preparation of tax returns. A good bookkeeper can help you prepare for these challenges. In the long run you will save time and money avoiding mistakes, and decrease your stress levels as you no longer have to worry about calls from the taxman.

Typically a small business owner spends 5 hours a week doing their books, and more than that at tax return time. What could you do with that time? 5 hours more billable work; 5 hours more time with your kids; 5 hours more time fishing, climbing, painting the spare room – whatever your passion is – EVERY WEEK! Think about it – that is 260 hours a year or 26 days (assuming you want some time to sleep as well).

If you want to reclaim those 26 days, give us a call now on 01628 530805 or email info@anotheranswer.co.uk.

Published On: September 21, 2020

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