Why do I need a Bookkeeper?

Most people don’t go into business to do accounts and bookkeeping (Well I did but then that’s what I love doing.)  You probably started your business doing something you love doing.  So when did all that paperwork creep up on you?

  • Are you behind on sending out invoices or getting paid?
  • Are your bills and receipts sitting in a pile in the corner or under the bed, or in the footwell of your van?
  • Do you know what your profit is or what you’re spending?
  • Are you so busy categorising transactions that you can’t focus on your sales or on growing your business?
  • Do you dread the call from your accountant at the year end?
  • Do you do your bookkeeping at weekends when you could be playing football with the kids or having a lazy day with the family?
  • Do you spend more than a few hours a month on bookkeeping tasks?
  • Do you know if you need to register for VAT, what VAT schemes are available and how to choose the right one?
  • Do you know how to go about hiring your first employee, how to register for PAYE and whether you need to pay into a pension for them?

Maybe you need to hire a bookkeeper!

A well-trained bookkeeper will do everything from Data entry and bank reconciliation to making sure you pay your bills and chasing your customers to make sure you get paid. From VAT returns and Payroll, to regular Management Reports and even tax filing, year end reports, business strategy and training.

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Published On: November 4, 2022

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