Business Insights

Our Business Insights Service provides you with the framework for in depth analysis and projections.

Who knows the future opportunities? Together, we will help you choose the figures which measure your latest results against your plans. Jointly, we can then extrapolate the plausible outcome for the next few months.

Of course, there is every chance that the future economic weather will change – with our help, you can then explore opportunities for feast or famine and how to avoid disasters and/or benefit from unexpected opportunities.

Business Insights

Business Insights Services Available from Another Answer

You can select from:

  • Cash Flow Management – forecast your inputs and outputs to avoid unexpected cash shortages
  • Strategic Deep Dive into your business finances to produce data driven insights to discover the unexpected
  • KPIs and Goal Setting – both Key Performance Indicators (history) and Key Predictive Indicators (Future Growth)
  • Project planning – for that major expenditure
  • Regular Review meeting (typically these are held monthly but a more or less frequent review may be suitable for your business)

Cash Flow Management

Our state-of-the-art Cash Flow Analysis uses your forecasts for sales and costs to identify any day on which there is a projected cash shortage. You can then vary your plans to avoid problems with the bank! We can also uses the option to add scenarios to see the effect of alternative plans.

Strategic Deep Dive

We also offer advanced but simple tools to generate a forecast for future Profits together with in-depth analysis of alternate strategies. The tools include a real time display which refreshes as you advance or delay investment decisions. It also produces 3-way Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow projections to impress your Investors.

KPIs and Goal Setting

When you identify KPIs for your enterprise, it is crucial to track and report and review against agreed Targets or Goals. We provide a wide range of standard KPIs and the option to define your own. Where appropriate you can define and record non-financials – for example, you can use this to record new leads and conversion rates.

Project Planning

You can also use our tools and skills to generate project plans to combine estimates of additional sales and costs for major expansions such as a new office or factory or takeover.

Regular Review

A regular Review (Monthly or as agreed) provides you the opportunity to look at your business as opposed to working ‘in the Business’. A 30 or 60 minute review will cover your enterprise’s recent performance, forecast cash flow and predictions for future Profits.

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Business Insights

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Business Insights


Our Business Insights Service provides you with the framework for in depth analysis and projections.

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