Payroll, CIS and Workplace Pensions


It’s one of those tasks that creeps up at the end of every month and is vitally important to your team. By outsourcing your Payroll to us you can relieve this end of month madness.

Needing to spend more time on payroll is not a bad thing; it means your business is growing. But even if your business only has a few employees, it does not mean that payroll is simple. Our friendly team is here to support and help you navigate the regulations so that you avoid penalties and ensure that you meet all of your payroll responsibilities. We will support you through every new starter.

At Another Answer we provide a fully integrated service, covering all your Payroll needs, tailoring our service to suit your business and payment periods. We take full account of the latest legislation for National Insurance (NI), Pensions and, if needed, the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Our team can look after your payroll monthly or weekly, depending on your needs.

Payroll, CIS and Workplace Pensions

How Another Answer Can Help with Payroll

You will gain from:

  • Secure storage of sensitive information such as payslips and personal data
  • Advice about payroll costs, calculations and deadlines
  • Support through the process of payroll and workplace pensions
  • Help with completion of legal forms for both employees and HMRC
  • Calculation of statutory sick pay and maternity pay
  • Filing of your PAYE information to HMRC


In the Construction Industry? Have subcontractors? You may be required to use CIS. If so you will need to deduct amounts from your subcontractors’ payments before paying their invoices. The deductions are paid to HMRC and are counted as advanced payments for the subcontractor’s tax and NI contribution. Don’t worry if this seems confusing, our team can take you through the entire process.

Our team will ensure that both contractors and subcontractors meet the regulations set out in the CIS scheme and keep you up to date with the latest changes in policy which may affect you.

Payroll, CIS and Workplace Pensions

How Another Answer Can Help with CIS

Our CIS services includes

  • Registering your company as a Contractor and/or subcontractor with HMRC
  • Filing your CIS returns monthly
  • Preparing Subcontractor statements for deductions
  • Ensuring payments are submitted correctly
  • Giving you peace of mind knowing that your duties are being dealt with accurately and efficiently

Workplace Pensions

As an employer you are obliged to provide a Workplace Pension Scheme for your employees.

You have a legal duty to automatically enrol all workers above the age of 22 who earn £10,000 or more. Even if they don’t want to be enrolled! They then have the chance to ‘opt out’.

Your employees will normally have 5% of their salary deducted at source before tax, and you as the employer will add a further 3% minimum.

Payroll, CIS and Workplace Pensions

The Answer for Help with Workplace Pensions

To help you, we will:

  • Help you set up a pension scheme and enrol your employees (NB – we are not allowed to advise you on which pension scheme to choose)
  • Include your employees’ pension contributions in the normal payroll run
  • Report deductions to your chosen pension scheme
  • Provide the relevant letters to your employees so they know why the deductions are made and what they should do next
  • Submit your Declaration of Compliance to The Pensions Regulator
  • Re-enrol your staff every three years and submit the relevant Redeclaration of Compliance

Get In Contact with Another Answer Today

Your business accounts should be more than just making sure you are compliant and avoiding penalties, we want to help your business thrive. If you would like to talk to us more about outsourcing these important activities, then please contact us – we’re always happy to help over a cup of tea and a biscuit, and our team will tailor our services to include everything you need.

Payroll, CIS and Workplace Pensions

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