Company Secretarial

We can help you choose the appropriate structure for your Business and, where required, provide the necessary Company Secretarial Services.

When you start up a new business, you need to ensure you comply with the relevant laws. You also need to decide which type of organisation is appropriate – both when you start and as you develop. The most common types are:

Sole Traders – This is the simplest way to start your business. However, there are still various tax obligations and you are personally liable for debts.

Limited Companies – This allows you to separate your finances and those for the enterprise. The Company must be Registered and submit Annual Returns and Accounts.

Partnerships – This allows you to run a business jointly with other people. You will still share responsibility for debts although you can also register as a Limited Liability Partnership.

Company Secretarial

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Secretarial Requirements

We can help you choose the right structure to help you start and grow your business.

Once you are up and running, we can continue to provide support with Company Secretarial Services including Reminders for legal returns and document submission.

How Another Answer Can Help with their Company Secretarial Services

  • Company Formation
  • Confirmation Statements
  • Year End Accounts
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Share Management
  • Maintenance of Company Registers

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BUT… at Another Answer we won’t stop there… We want to work with you all the way and provide an end-to-end solution that gives you real time information throughout the year. Annual Accounts show you the history of your business activity. Take a look at our Bookkeeping and our Business Insights pages to find out how we can help you keep an eye on the present and plan for the future

We are proud to serve many Companies located throughout Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Our team is always happy to discuss your personal requirements over coffee and biscuits

Company Secretarial

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